Hands Free Cell Phone While Driving

Ok...I have to admit...I am driving down the road...my cell phone rings..I reach for my purse..I am digging at the bottom with one hand and the other hand on the wheel...often taking a quick glance into my purse. EEEEkkkkkk. Is that what my 17 year old daughter should be doing?
Yes, I am originally from SD where we can drive at 14 yrs old...but Pleeeease Sherry....Is it the right thing to do for myself, my passengers or the "other" driver. Hey, I'm a buzzzy lady and a queen of multi-tasking and...not always "road" smart.
Thankfully, many many auto manufacturers are understanding our need to communicate while we drive! Many offer hands free communication system where your phone is plugged in or sync with the car's speaker system. It is really cool. You can voice activate a phone number by saying: "phone mom" or "ET" (yes showing my age). You can answer the phone by saying "answer". WOW! Think of the multi-tasking and SAFETY and protection of our little ones...not to mention as my teenage daughter once threw in my face "You drive and talk on the phone - that's two face of you to tell me not too!" (ouch!). My next vehicle WILL have it.
Do yourself a favor......stop by your local dealership during a slow time for yourself and the dealership and have them demonstrate the hands free feature.

If, you have this in your vehicle.....Share with us your thoughts! I am envious of you!!!

Remarks of Mark V. Rosenker Acting Chairman, National Transportation Safety Board before the International Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas, Nevada January 6, 2006
Preventing Distracted Driving with Consumer Electronics Technology.

This is just a small portion of his speech:
Go to:http://www.ntsb.gov/speeches/rosenker/mvr060106.htm For more information
One way to improve the safety of cell phones in the car is through the use of hands-free systems. Not only does the consumer recognize the safety and convenience offered by the technology, but Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia and now the DOD have enacted bans on driving while talking on hand-held wireless phones, except in specific situations. It is my personal opinion that the time is right for the auto industry and cell phone industry to work together to make this simple hands-free technology available in all new products. Similar steps can be taken with respect to other consumer electronic devices. And while I’m on the subject of cell phones, let me stress that the Safety Board does not want to restrict everyone’s use of cell phones or other electronic devices; instead, we are looking to see that these products are used in the safest manor possible and in particular protect our most vulnerable drivers –the novice drivers –

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