Where are my keys?

I am not sure why I have such a difficult time finding my keys.
Do you have this problem too?
They either fall to the bottom of my purse, snuggle in my coat pocket or worst...left in a clothing store changing room, on a cashier's counter, locked inside of the vehicle or my all time worst key incident....Hanging from a clothing store rack in a major department store!
I panic....I backtrack my steps....I start having "wonderful" self conversations and then I ask that embarrassing question at the stores: "Did you see any keys left behind"?
Taaa Daaa Solution!
The keyless entry pad on the side of vehicles' door! GLORY To the Automakers! You can keep your keys safely in your vehicle and just lock the door. When you come up to your vehicle you just enter your own sequence of numbers (make sure you have a number sequence YOU can remember :)!!!!). Try your birthday, try your anniversary, try your mother's or child's birthday. Then don't forget to write it down at home...just in case you forget!
Multi tasking - Shopping at the mall - grocery store - just became that much easier with the
keyless entry pad on my vehicle. Truly a feature that makes life easier. Now, where did I park my car...............


  1. I wish I had keyless entry on my car because my mommy syndrome leaves me trying to remember where I left my keys.

  2. I love my keyless entry.