Go Pink Ladies

Style & Feminine.........You don't have to be a Mary Kay Lady in order to have your "Pink" in your car. Just check out Paris Hilton in a Pink Bentley. Isn't that soooooo Paris!!!! My favorite combination of a pink vehicle....helping a wonderful female cause and having vehicle style and fun is the convertible Ford Susan G Komen Mustang. But hurry ladies; these are limited production and a portion goes to the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Research. Now, that is a great combination. Subtle Pink with beautiful and subtle "Pink" whip stitching around the leather seats, thin pin pink striping at the bottom of the black (or white) mustang, a few small Mustang Pony with the Susan G Komen Ribbon strategically placed inside and out. The optional BIG Bold 2 Stripe Pink Stripes can be added or removed depending on your "Pink" meter!!!!! Come on put the top down...search your Local Ford Dealer and Help eliminate Breast Cancer with "Ford's Susan G Komen's Mustang"! (sorry Paris...the Pink Bentley does not compare to the Limited edition Pink Mustang). To purchase the mustang click link! Remember they are limited production! Go here: http://http://www.eauclaireford.com/show.aspx?vid=1209424

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