Mr. Mulally & Mr Edsel Ford

I have been bless to be included at a Ford Motor Company Dinner where I met Mr. Edsel Ford and Mr. Mulally. WOW! I am so impress with both of these individuals and their vision and compassion for their workers and for their fellow American competitor manufacturers and their suppliers. They have the commitment, the drive and the vision to produce the best automotive vehicles that will serve the American Public and represent the founder of automobiles "Henry Ford".
I asked Mr. Mulally about his experience during the Senate hearings. He shared that he is committed to Ford Motor Company as well as the American Automotive Manufacturing industry. He also related a story where his 90 year old mother called his assistant and told her "why doesn't the Senators listen to him - he always do things right." Well. I agree to Mrs. Mulally. Our trust and confidence is with him and the Ford family. Drive One today and see what Ford has been up to lately.

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