No mapquest needed

"Turn left...no right...let's stop and ask a gas station for directions....just a bit farther....ahhhhgggg I missed the turn 10 miles back"!
After 24 years of marriage...I have had my share of "stubborn I know where I am going" driving attitude!
PREVENT THE arguments....Save time....Enjoy going to your destination easy and effortlessly with a vehicle navigation system. I love it...did i SAY I LOVE IT!!!!!??!! I love to hit the roads by myself and go shopping and discovering new places...now with my Ford vehicle navigation system..I can do so with out fear of getting lost or having to stop somewhere and ask a stranger for directions. You can map out several routes....just by plugging in the address into the navigation system. Then it will show you arrows and the optional voice that will let you know when you are getting close to a turn!
Oh...and say G-bye to "Stubborn I know where I am going...NOT" attitude!

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