I am ON with the neighborhood gal's e-mail challenge!
I got this email from the cutest little gal friend that happens to live two doors down from me....and she threw down the challenge to "compete" to lose 8 pounds (5 lbs for those that have been in more contro)...by November 25th. 
$40 will I part with if I DO NOT part with those designated 8 or 5 pounds.  IF or should I say WHEN :) I part with thOse designated pounds...then all winners (or is it losers) will get to split the $40 collected by each loser of our weight loss competition.  ...Does this makes Sense? 
I am on with it....because dog gone it....I just added to my waist line..which means
Good Bye:  DRIVE THRU DQ annual Pumpkin Pie Blizzard....
see you nExT YeAr!!!!
Today is the first day of this unique diet challenge!

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