I took a road trip a month ago to "Georgies" - in Wisconsin to check out first hand the Tracy Porter clothing collection for the fall.   I have purchased in the past online some of Tracy Porter's clothes....but found it hard to pass up going to her sister's store when I am just a few hours away....ROAD TRIP SHOPPING!!!!!

      If, you do not live in the area...you will have NO problems ordering online your clothing from Tracy I picked a gorgeous tunic, and a couple sweaters, pants, shirts and coat.
YOU will LOVE love LOVE the details the material and the design.
Hurry check it out now for an additional 30% off select items!
PS.  The presentation of your purchased clothing is pure pampering from http://www.tracyporter.com/ ..just wait until your purchase arrives at your door!!!
go to:

http://www.tracyporter.com/ and go to sweaters/jackets
and enter chilly30 in check out expires 10/26/09

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