Congratulations! Ford Post Surprising Earnings in 3rd quarter 2009
The profit amounted to 26 cents per share, a huge surprise to analysts who had expected a 12 cent loss.
The results came after Ford managed to increase market share in North America, Europe and South America and slash operating costs by 4.6 billion dollars in the first nine months of the year.
"Our third quarter results clearly show Ford is making tremendous progress despite the prolonged economic slump," chief executive officer Alan Mulally said in a conference call with analysts and reporters.
                       Henry Ford would be proud and so is the American Public!
...years..years..years ago...I decided to STOP buying my teenage son
the latest and ExpenSIVELy priced games/game machines etc...
It seem like every Christmas the last year Nintendo..playStation..etc was OBSOLETE to my son.
(Try selling that stuff on a yard sell....who says Cars Depreciation...try electronics!)
Anyway, I decided to buy some kind of stock for Christmas out of my budget and a few toy type stuff....
One year I bought Ford Stock...one year Walgreens etc.
It is sooooo inexpensive to buy your kids a few stock in a Company - could be as little as 10 shares...
and THE LEARNING and AWareness & BraGGIng Rights your kids will do...when
they TELL their FriENDS they OWN stoCK in a Public CompAny!!!!
(ps.   My son at 23 bought his first home - thank you gov't for the housing program - and used all of his little bits and pieces of stock for part of the down payment)
....hmmmm wonder how much all of those temporary only one year fun shelf-life electronic toys would of resold to help him with his down payment.....!!!!!???

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