Did you do some Christmas Shopping during Thanksgiving Weekend?
What about the ULTIMATE in Christmas Giving.....
A new vehicle?
Hey.....if it is on your list anyway for 2010....think about it for Christmas and talk to your local dealer....Loads of Fun Drama in the Presentation of a New Truck or Car can be worked out with a Cooperative Dealer in your neighborhood.
A couple ideas that we have done:
-Put a toy vehicle with a great big gift tag in the driveway....then Tell that someone that their Christmas gift is in the driveway......When the open the door their amazement at the toy car will be fun...then DRIVE the real Vehicle up or open the garage door.
-Drape your vehicle with a Bed Sheet or if your dealer has a special Car Cover
then have that someone unwrap it!!!
-Bows......Lots of Great big Bows and often your dealer will loan out or give you one
-We have even open the dealership on Christmas Morning for a person to surprise their spouse!
-Got a new driver in the family such as your teenager.....A pre-own vehicle can be dressed up for a Christmas giving event
-Another wonderful way to help with a car giving event.....We met a couple at a local restaurant and had the vehicle dressed up with a bow and we were waiting in the parking lot....wait staff brought the keys to the lady as a "Dessert".
-Old Fashion Moving Roping.....We have those old fashion movie roping and created an entrance with those one each side of a RED long carpet up to the Drivers Door.
Think BIG.....Think a Vehicle..
Talk to your Dealer and watch the brainstorming begin...
New Car Dealers LOVE love LOVE having Fun with their buyers and
think buying a car is special time!

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