WOW..wOw...WoW!  The New 2010 Ford line Up...is AmAziNg!!!!!   Like TechnOlOgy!! U will  LovE the New Ford - Mercury line Up & on BudGET!
The 2010 Models that OFFER Sync...has A DELiciouS surprise TreAT for U........
--------NavigaTion - Direction --------THRU your compatiable CELL phone!   Three (3) Years of this time-saving - hands-free - safety FEATURE!!!

Your Ford Dealer can demonstrate this cool EASY to use feature.  Last Night, I was playing around with it using MY phone at Eau Claire Ford Linoln Mercury.   I voice activated for directions....the clear voice through the car's (Edge) asked for name of business or address.   I requested for APPLEBEE's Restaurant.   It came back with "that's APpleBeE Restaurant at xxxx golf road in Eau Claire".  I confirmed and then it gave me turn by turn DIRECTIONS!

Cool thing about it.....Once you get the directions....and you want to make a CALL from your PHONE...say like - "Hey Hunny, meet me at Applebee's for dinner in 10 minutes"  YOU CAN!  the address is saved into your car!!!!!!!!

.....how many of us...ESP. US LadiES...hate to stop & ask for DIRecTIONS?  Safety safety SAFETY gurrrlllsss!   THIS is IT! 
Independence & support....all WITHout leaving Your Vehicle!  & & & you DON't Have to spend the extra $$$$ for an upgrade with NAVIGATION system.

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